Friday, October 16, 2009

Who Would Win?

One of my best friends has a son named Sam who is friends with my boys and who also rides to school with us everyday. He sometimes talks about things that bring out strong feelings in others, which I rather enjoy because I love a good argument in the morning! Today's topics of discussion were 1. His statement "war is always bad and there are no bad guys so war is not needed" and 2. Who would win in a battle between Darth Vader (Sam's Halloween costume), Harry Potter (Marcus' Halloween costume) and Indiana Jones (Ben's Halloween costume).
Now everyone has distinct feelings about war, their justifications, their disdain of etc...Because, conversationally it was a safer topic, I decided to focus more on the battle between fictional characters.
Knowing well all of the characters listed above I quickly deducted (in my humble opinion)that even though in my heart I would be rooting for Indiana Jones, Harry Potter would invariably kick ass due to his ability to simply utter 'Avada Kedavra' from his little wizard lips. He would first take out Vader before he unleashed his force powers. That leaves Indiana Jones (my personal favorite) who would stand there twirling his whip, looking around for a large boulder (and hoping there wouldn't be any spiders under it) to maneuver onto Harry Potter somehow. If Harry hesitated or was distracted by his hat envy, Indiana could remove Harry's wand with his whip but this is probably far fetched. Because Harry would be expecting that. So inevitably Harry would accio Indiana's Whip and I would like to think he might get creative here and turn Indiana into a spider or something but it is more likely that he would just Avada Kedavra his as well.
Feel free to share you own thoughts.


  1. Did you share this insight with Sam yet?! I'd be interested to hear what he comes back with! :) Clearly in my opinion Indie will always be the man against all opponents! He's got the crazy whip, cool hat & with that theme music playing everytime he's fighting the odds - He's unstoppable!

  2. I did tell Sam my thoughts and I think he was so baffled he was speechless...he didn't tell me I was wrong heh.