Friday, October 2, 2009

My Song (quite literally)

There are a few songs containing my name or variations of it and my favorite, by far, is "Amanda" by Boston.
It was written in 1980 by Tom Scholz but it didn't find its way onto a record until 1986 when it was the first track on the long awaited album Third Stage. The band incurred 12,000 hours of studio time during the making of this album, taking roughly 6 years to complete.
This song was Bostons only #1 hit.
Some more interesting tidbits:
Post MTV, this song defied the odds and hit #1 on the charts without a video.
Brad Delp sang this song and it was overdubbed so that he harmonized with himself.
This song features Scholz's Rockman Amplifier which he invented specifically for the sound he wanted on this album.

I remember hearing this song as a little girl and just knew he was singing to me.
(Being born in 1979 sad to say, my mom didn't name me after the song.)
What girl doesn't love a serenade? Anytime I feel the need all I have to do is listen to this song.

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