Monday, October 5, 2009

A Peek Inside My Head

I am perpetually jealous of my husband’s dreams.
He is always flying, driving race cars and saving the world by blowing up bad guys.
While I wander lost, through far off villages trying to figure out how to stick-on my face that has somehow fallen off. (How do I come up with this crap?!)
But last night I finally had a speed themed dream.
I was laying in the North Umpqua on my back with my two sisters (I have no idea who these girls were, creations of my subconscious.) after floating for a bit I caught the current and shot down the river (luge style) twisting and turning, occasionally feeling rocks graze my feet.
Eventually I reached my destination, the mouth of the sea. The sun was setting; it was glorious with its oranges and purples. I paddled to shore and realized I had beaten my usual time. Normally that trip would have taken 3 hours; I did it in 30 minutes. (and without a boat or life jacket, oh the wonders of it all!)


  1. Hey there!
    I was 'cruising' through other bloggers that like the same music as I do, when I came across your site.
    Thanks for reminding me that Boston was one that I forgot off my list! Love it!!

    Love your writing! Keep it up!

    Cheers for now.


  2. Thanks for reading Adi, glad I could remind you about Boston!

  3. I agree with Adi! Love your writing too! As for dreams, I am jealous of both you & Matt -my dreams are crazy, I should write them down because I hardly ever can remember them except for the hard time Eli gives me for waking him up in the middle of the night -AGAIN!! Oddly enough I do remember having a reoccuring dream that I am in gansterville always escaping by seconds - a dreadful dream I definitely could do without!

  4. I wish we could share around dreams, it would be fun to play inside someone else's dreams sometimes.
    Glad you always end up escaping!!