Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting Cheese

Cheese in a might scoff at the very idea of this but wait, I am not talking your granny's Cheez Whiz here. I am talking something heavenly...the golden milk of cougars otherwise known as Cougar Gold Cheese.

If I am being honest I will admit that just because you could make cheese from cougar milk this isn't, in all reality, the case. It's just a name. If you were too lazy to click the link and read wiki's "schpeal", I will sum it up for you.
In the 1940s the US government and American Can Company funded WSU's research to find a way to successfully keep the cheese in tins. Cougar Gold was discovered during this time and was named after Dr NS Golding, one of the men involved in its production.

Last year I had the great honor of eating this cheese...I would call it a religious experience because while the buttery golden goodness slowly dissolved on my tongue I did see a vision of a fierce and beautiful cougar swiping its massive paw at me while I was attempting to milk it...anyway that was weird. Moving on.

I recently discovered that I can buy this divine cheese in a can online and have it shipped to my own home to make yummy and wonderful things. However with the massive heat that melted most of the U.S., horror of horrors, all shipping has ceased! But alas worry not shipping with resume for some of us on September 28th.

I have a long list of things I will be making once I have this can in my hot little hands. Potato Soup, Pizza, Omelet's, Cheesey omg goes on.
So if you too would like to experience this bliss you too can go to
WSU's Website and order your own. You can even thank me later.

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