Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Serendipitous.

It's often so very comical and ironic how life gives you just what you need at just the right time.
After my last few posts I had really taken on a new attitude concerning the losing and gaining of relationships. I finally realized that it is so much more satisfying to remember what was good about what you had rather than being overwhelmed by the gaping hole caused by the loss.
And let me just say that it was incredibly liberating. All of my life I have been overwhelmed by the gaping hole caused by all of the losses. But I am not anymore. I gained new insight and with it revelation.
After all of this, guess who I ran into today?
My sister Misty!
I went to a store that I don't go to often and there she just like we used to do way back before things changed.
I said, "Misty!" and we rushed to each other and hugged and something within me that was broken, sewed itself back together and was whole again. A hope was renewed.
She was well, happy and lovely, which is all I have been hoping for these last three years.
We exchanged emails and phone numbers and my heart is happy to know that she is safe.
I am looking forward to whatever happens now.
Its not so often that one finds what they were hoping for so soon after they realize what it is they were seeking. So just wanted to share the rest of that story.
Thanks for reading.

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