Sunday, December 13, 2009


For years I have heard people raving about, Jägermeister they would say to me, "Do you like black licorice?" I would say, "No, ew!" and thus ending anything that might have been between me and Jäger.
However last night at the Crazy Christmas Sweater party, something happened.
I don't know exactly how it started but there was a bottle of Jägermeister in the freezer and a tall silver shot glass...oh and I can't forget the circle of trust.
In the end I came out of the circle loving Jägermeister. It doesn't taste like licorice to me though, it tasted of sweet, delicious herbs that danced on my tongue and then swam in my belly.
I love that Jägermeister was originally used as a medicinal product aiding in digestion and curing Germany it is still used as such and carries the nickname Leberkleister (liver glue).

I will gladly take my medicine!

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