Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Aftermath

It's December 26th. The flurry of activity, flying wrapping paper, driving to and fro and the uncomfortably full tummy has ceased. My house looks like Lego Land at this moment, an impressive Pirate Ship that perfectly matches the box has laid anchor on my kitchen table in addition to piles of Lego's waiting to be built and more waiting in their boxes.
My back aches a little from bending over the tiny designs. As I make my way to the office I expertly dodge remote controlled cars, books, games, giant peppermint sticks and multiple Nerf guns with their ammunition.
I have spent the morning building the Drawbridge Defense along-side my much adored sons and I must heartily admit that all of the frenzied preparation lends itself to total satisfaction in the aftermath of this holiday called Christmas.

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