Sunday, February 7, 2010

A parital list.

Things you shouldn’t do while naked

1. Wood Chopping
2. Frying Bacon
3. Grocery Shopping
4. Summersaults
5. Planting a tree (unless you are John Denver)
6. Plumbing
7. Skateboarding
8. Sky Diving
9. Construction
10. Twister (in large groups)
11. Sledding
12. Tying your shoes
13. Yodeling
14. Delivering the Mail (delivering packages ok)
15. Going to the Police Station
16. Driving (Arter, we saw you)
17. Getting married
18. Going to confession
19. Zip Lining
20. Visiting Granny
21. Going to Granny’s Funeral (because you visited naked)
22. Farting (no particle barrier)
23. Mowing the lawn
24. Riding a horse (loincloth ok)
25. Riding a bike (thank you Seinfeld)
26. Eating or drinking hot things
27. Shooting a gun
28. Bowling
29. Playing the part of Santa
More to come…


  1. That reminds me of the crack we saw on this guy downtown the other day.. It was like plumbers crack x 1000.... Poor guy..

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  3. lol, you'd think one would surgically "unhance" that...I would.